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The surface on which a car park is built can sustain long-term damage from carbon monoxide, sand, debris penetration, and general build-up of residue if it is not cleaned and maintained correctly. This may consequently result in lower sales, unhappy clients, and a bad parking experience. Additionally, it will have a shorter lifespan for the surfaces in your parking lot.

Our garage facility sweeping and cleaning division at Maple Hood Cleaning attends to your property’s needs and schedule. We aim to ensure that your parking lots improve the appearance of your property for guests, employees, and tenants while lessening the adverse environmental effects of stormwater runoff and extending the life and durability of the surface.

Working together, we will determine a parking garage cleaning maintenance plan that satisfies your requirements and stays within your property’s budget, considering your parking garage’s specific cleaning requirements.


Our Premium Garage deep cleaning services

Enhanced Organization: To facilitate finding and accessing items stored in the garage, deep cleaning services can assist homeowners in organizing and decluttering the area. Sorting and arranging tools, equipment, seasonal goods, and other possessions can be part of this.

Peace of Mind with Improved Safety: A cluttered garage can pose safety risks for your family, from tripping over objects to navigating around cars. Deep cleaning services remove potentially dangerous materials and create clear pathways, giving you the peace of mind that your family is safe.

Protection of Belongings: Routine deep cleaning can protect items kept in the garage from damage. Over time, dust, dirt, and moisture buildup can deteriorate materials; however, regular cleaning can help maintain the condition of possessions.

Pest Prevention: Garages can be home to pests like spiders, rodents, and insects. Deep cleaning services can lessen the chance of infestations by removing food sources, nesting locations, and hiding places for pests.

Extended Lifespan of Garage Components: Routine cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of garage components, including flooring, cabinets, shelves, and garage door mechanisms. By keeping things clean and free of dirt, grease, and debris, homeowners can avoid costly repairs or replacements due to corrosion and deterioration.

What’s the Optimal Frequency of Garage Cleaning?

Maintaining the general value and condition of your property and the satisfaction of your tenants depends on the cleanliness of your parking garage. An organized schedule for cleaning and maintenance is necessary to keep your garage tidy.

A weekly sweep of your garage will remove loose dirt and prevent debris buildup. To keep your garage looking clean and safe, have it professionally cleaned every few months. Sweeping does not remove stains or other embedded contaminants.

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