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Professional Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning for Hygienic Spaces

A well-maintained kitchen exhaust system means cleanliness beyond what meets the eye. Contact Maple Hood Cleaning to get the ultimate commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning.

Many businesses rely on Maple Hood Cleaning for protection of hazards and grease build up. Our customers come from a variety of industries including: high-profile restaurants, nursing homes, hotels, hospitals, country clubs, day-care centers, office buildings, cafeterias, caterers, grocery stores, catering companies, and hotels.

Our certified technicians are bonded and insured, resulting in quick and efficient cleaning at your place of business without interruption of your operations. Satisfaction guaranteed every time!


Benefits of cleaning your kitchen hood and Exhaust system

Fire Safety: An accumulation of grease in the exhaust system may start a fire. Kitchen fires, which can be especially dangerous because of cooking oils and grease, are less likely to occur when the area is regularly cleaned.

Improved Air Quality: An effective exhaust system that removes steam, smoke, and odors from your kitchen can enhance the air quality inside your home. It is especially crucial in commercial kitchens where large quantities of food are prepared.

Prevents Health Issues: Potential health risks may arise from bacteria, mold, and other pathogens that can be harbored by accumulated grease and dirt in the exhaust system. Frequent cleaning aids in stopping the spread of these pollutants.

Prolongs Equipment Life: The equipment can last longer if the exhaust system and kitchen hood are cleaned regularly. Over time, grease accumulation can erode metal surfaces, necessitating expensive component replacements or repairs. The equipment’s lifespan is increased by cleaning, which helps stop this corrosion.

Improved Kitchen Environment: A well-maintained exhaust system and kitchen hood make the working environment for kitchen staff more comfortable. The kitchen is a more relaxed workplace with less smoke, odors, and grease accumulation.

Our Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning service includes:

  • Thorough cleaning of your kitchen, which means cleaning of parts that are not visible or hard-to-reach areas.
  • With our kitchen exhaust cleaning¬†standards, your kitchen will always pass a fire department safety inspection.
  • The surrounding workspace will be left as clean as it was before!
  • Our professionals will let you know about potential mechanical problems so that you can stay ahead of future¬†preventive maintenance.

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