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If you are employed in an industrial setting, you are probably aware of the challenges of keeping your plant operating at peak efficiency and maintaining the equipment. To guarantee that your buildings and machinery are maintained in a way that is ethical, secure, and sustainable for the environment, we offer various industrial cleaning services in Ontario and Alberta, in addition to maintenance solutions.


Our Industrial Cleaning Services in Ontario & Alberta

Steam or Dry Carpet Cleaning

Get a thorough, expert carpet cleaning to keep your floors looking as good as possible. Our steam or dry carpet cleaning guarantees that the area you’re creating is both hygienic and aesthetically pleasing.

Hard Floor Maintenance and Floor Stripping

Your hard floors will remain spotless, glossy, and long-lasting if you give them regular care. For expert hard floor care and floor stripping, contact Maple Hood Cleaning. We can help you minimize scuffs and make your industrial property non-slip.

High-pressure Water Cleaning:

The ideal remedy for commercial properties that might be impacted by stubborn stains and debris. Our high-pressure industrial cleaning services will help you get rid of dirt in hard-to-reach places.

Cleaning of Machinery and Equipment:

A key component of productive workplaces is a clean, industrial setting. Maple Hood Cleaning can professionally and carefully clean your machinery and equipment, ensuring optimal performance and productivity.

Cleaning of Ducts and Exhausts:

With Maple Hood Cleaning’s industrial cleaning services for ducts and exhausts, you can maintain the clean, fresh air in your industrial space. We will rid your ducts and exhausts of all debris and toxins while focusing on removing dirt, dust, and debris.

Removal of Trash and Waste:

We are experienced in various waste removal tasks. We can provide industrial cleaning services that include trash and waste removal to make your space appear and feel as clean as possible.

By scheduling our industrial cleaning services in advance, you can maximize your performance and productivity while reducing downtime caused by unforeseen annoyances. Please speak with one of our many friendly employees about your needs for industrial cleaning services right now.

You can be confident that the solution you receive is appropriate for you because we recognize that different industries require different solutions. We will customize each solution to meet your site’s needs.

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