Maple Hood Cleaning


Maple Hood Cleaning in Mississauga provides in-depth commercial kitchen exhaust and hood cleaning services. Our staff is committed to keeping your kitchen hygienic, secure, and law-abiding. With years of experience in the field, we know how critical it is to keep your kitchen sanitary for your customers’ and employees’ health and safety.

We provide complete cleaning services for exhaust fans, ductwork, filters, hoods, and other kitchen exhaust and hood cleaning services. Using cutting-edge machinery and environmentally friendly cleaning agents, we effectively remove grease, filth, and other pollutants. Your kitchen will run smoothly and safely thanks to our technicians’ extensive training and tools, which enable them to tackle even the most challenging cleaning tasks.

Our comprehensive Commercial Kitchen Exhaust & Hood Cleaning Services include:

Exhaust System Cleaning

Complete cleaning of the exhaust system to eliminate all the buildup of dirt, grease, and other impurities, including fans, ducting, and vents.

Hood Cleaning

kitchen hoods should be thoroughly cleaned to remove grease accumulation, guarantee good ventilation, and protect against fires.

Filter Replacement:

To keep the exhaust system’s filtration and airflow operating efficiently, filters should be inspected and changed as needed.

Grease Trap Cleaning:

Grease traps should be cleaned and maintained to avoid blockages and guarantee appropriate drainage.

Fan Cleaning:

Exhaust fans should be cleaned and lubricated to improve performance and lower the possibility of mechanical problems.

Ductwork Cleaning:

Complete duct cleaning to remove grease and other debris and avoid airflow obstructions and fire risks.

Compliance Inspection:

Every cleaned component is inspected to ensure it complies with industry standards and health and safety laws.

We offer maintenance plans, inspection services, and cleaning services to support you in proactively averting possible problems and guaranteeing continuous compliance. Our mission is to be your reliable partner in keeping a hygienic and secure kitchen.

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